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Manage your Anger

The best way we can manage our anger is to understand the relationship between our thoughts, actions and physical symptoms in angry situations. When we get angry it can feel like we lose control of our senses, we may get hot and red faced and we may lash out in frustration. To learn about the relationship between thoughts, actions and physical symptoms you can download our booklet

Quick Control

It is useful to know techniques that we can quickly use to help reduce our angry feelings in angry situations. We call these techniques ‘quick control’. we have listed some below:

  • Recognising the onset of the physical symptoms of anger
  • Using our anger Thermometer
  • Calming the emotional brain
  • Taking ‘time out’
  • Distraction techniques

If you would like to learn how these techniques are helpful and how to use them, then read our booklet on quick control

Long Term Strategies

We can also learn strategies that will have more impact on how we react to anger in the longterm. This may include:

  • Self Talk
  • Learn how to deal with frustration
  • Reducing certain ways in which we vent our anger
  • Identifying thoughts that may be contributing to the way we feel

These are just some of the longterm strategies. For a more information on longterm strategies click here

If you would like to learn about these techniques from a Psychology professional, then you can enrol on to our anger management course. You need to be registered with a Newcastle GP or work for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals (NUTH) NHS Trust.


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